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Yuna Hair Studio located in Coquitlam, Port Moody area creates sophisticated looks that are technically precise and effortlessly chic. Looks that stay modern, move naturally and are easy to recreate day after day.


Like arrows pointing to your eyes, your smile, your cheekbones, Yuna Hair cut and colour accentuates and defines, creating the ultimate expression of you.


At Yuna Hair Studio the cut is the style. Yuna cuts the shape into the hair so that you do not need a lot of styling product to hold the hair into the style.
You can shake your head and run your fingers through your hair as often as you like. Your hair will always fall back into shape.

"YUNA Master hair stylist in CoquitlAM, near Port Moody"


I had never seen Yuna before but her website and credentials were impressive, so I gave it a shot. I went in wanting to go from scraggly, damaged shoulder-length hair to a very dramatic short cut, with a fairly clear idea of how I wanted it to look (never had short hair before). She took my guidance instead of doing her own thing, and also advised me on what would specifically suit my face and overall style. She was calm, honest, patient, smart, and a great conversationalist, spending as much time as needed to ensure that I was happy with this radical change. She creates a soothing, sophisticated atmosphere, and her prices are beyond reasonable. Go see Yuna. This woman is a hidden jewel, and consummate professional. -By Nadezh


You don’t have to fix your style into place every morning or worry about midafternoon hair collapse. A Yuna haircut and colour is designed to stay and people will still be commenting on how good it looks weeks after it was done.

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